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As of January 15, 2012, instead of using the National System of Research Ethics (SISNEP) to register research involving human beings, the Brazil Platform will be used (www.saude.gov.br/plataformabrasil).

Plataforma Brasil is a national and unified database of research records involving human beings for the entire Ethics in Research Committee / National Commission for Research Ethics (CEP / CONEP) system. It allows the surveys to be monitored in their different stages - from submission to final approval by the CEP and CONEP, when necessary - enabling the follow up of the field phase, the sending of partial reports and the final research reports (when Completed).

The system also allows the presentation of documents also in a digital environment, providing society with access to public data of all approved research. Through the Internet it is possible for all those involved to access, through a shared environment, the information together, significantly reducing the processing time of projects throughout the CEP / CONEP system.

The Brazil Platform is an important step for transparency and agility in the process due to the presentation of documents over the Internet, avoiding the use of sending the protocols process through the Post Office.

To register the projects and follow the submission of the projects, access the Platform Brazil. Follow the link: http://aplicacao.saude.gov.br/plataformabrasil/login.jsf.

To register the researcher, click on "Register to access the Platform Brazil" reminding that to register you need to provide a valid email address. In addition, a scanned copy of a photo ID to be submitted to the system should be available (the format 'JPG' or 'PDF' with a resolution of 1000 DPI 2000PI is recommended). Failure to submit the document causes the registration to fail. You will also need to send your resume in "doc", "docx", "odt" and "pdf" format - 2mb maximum.

After completing your registration, Plataforma Brasil will forward, to your e-mail, the password to access the features of Plataforma Brasil. If necessary, the password can be modified later by the user.

Doubts about the use of the Brazil Platform can be sent to the email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or directly through the online chat, whose access button is located at the top right of the home page of Plataforma Brasil.

Doubts on issues related to the National Health Council Resolutions, related to ethics in research, and on the processing of projects in the CEP / CONEP System can be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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