Master's Degree in Pathology (UFC)

The SI3 (Integrated System of Institutional Information), originally developed by the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN), aims to integrate institutional systems of federal public agencies.

The Federal University of Ceará (UFC) acquired the system through a technical cooperation agreement with UFRN. Other universities and public institutions adhered to the same model.

In order to meet the realities of the UFC, including its management and regimental differences in relation to the SI3 creator, the Information Technology Secretariat is making several changes and improvements in the system - especially in the academic sector - so that its implementation can take place effectively.

Since August 2010, the post-graduation level (Stricto Sensu) at the UFC began to use the SIGAA - Integrated System of Management of Academic Activities, academic module of SI3.

The events of demand and offer of classes for the academic period of 2011.2 will be carried out through SIGAA. Consequently, in the Academic Module system, the functionalities used for such events will be unavailable.

In SIGAA, the demand and supply processes take place in a similar way to the Academic Module system: requests from classes coordinating courses to departments or academic units responsible for curricular components and teacher allocation.

Therefore, the SIGAA / SI3 System is used for the realization and alteration of online enrollment by the students, as well as allowing the student access to all his academic life within the Federal University of Ceará, issuing a history and attestation of enrollment in the courses in progress.

It also enables teachers to enter the grades of the taught subjects as well as to virtually accompany their students during the course.
SIGAA Academic.