House of Culture

The current Houses of Foreign Culture (05 / CONSUNI, 27/0881) are continuators of the former Centers of Foreign Culture, inaugurated in the 1960s, by Prof. Fr. Francisco Batista Luz, when he was Director of the former Faculty of Philosophy, Sciences and Letters of the UFC.

Officially created by a decision of the University Council, the former Foreign Culture Centers are today under the responsibility of the General Coordination of the Houses of Foreign Culture (09 / CONSUNI of 10/29/93), directed by the Center for Humanities and Pro-Rectorate of Extension.

Six units were inaugurated over seven years. They were in chronological order thus inaugurated: House of Hispanic Culture (1961), German (1962), Italian (1963), British (1964), Portuguese (1964) and French (1968). Later the Esperanto Courses (1965) and Russo (1987) were created, the latter, currently, is paralyzed.

Regimental Reports