Definition of Bags

According to the Internal Regulations of the Master's Degree in Pathology, the granting of grants will take place as follows:



Article 47 - The Social Demand Grants, made available annually to the Program by the postgraduate bodies (CAPES, CNPq and, exceptionally, FUNCAP), will be distributed to students regularly enrolled in the Program, obeying the rules established by the development agencies , For a full period of 24 months or partial periods, at the discretion of the Program Coordination.

Paragraph 1 - The Coordination will annually appoint a Selection Committee for Scholarship Granting, composed of the Coordinator (President), a member of the Coordination, a faculty member and a scholarship student representative of the Course, to select candidates qualified for grant In accordance with the rules established by the development agencies;

     Paragraph 2 - The scholarships available annually will be destined, after meeting the rules established in the development agencies, in descending order of priority, as follows:

I - scholarship holders authorized to renew the Exchange;

II - students coming from other states of the Union, without formal employment, and regularly enrolled in the Course;

III - students from inland regions far from the state capital, without formal employment relationship, and regularly enrolled in the Course;

IV - students from the capital or regions near the capital, without formal employment and regularly enrolled in the Course;

V- students from other countries participating in internationalization programs accredited by the UFC.

        Art. 48 - CAPES and CNPq fellows, enrolled in a postgraduate program in the country may receive financial supplementation, from other sources, provided that they dedicate the activity related to their area of ​​interest and interest for their academic, scientific training And technological.

      Sole paragraph: The scholarship holders of CAPES and CNPq may engage in paid activity, especially when it is a teaching profession in any degree.

       Art. 49 - To receive the scholarship if selected the student should:

     I- Fill out a scholarship registration form

     II- Deliver the schedule of research activities signed by the advisor

   III- In cases where the fellow maintains a remunerated activity, a statement of consent from the counselor and a document containing a description of the paid activities of the fellow and the interface with the research project proposed by the student should be submitted to the postgraduate collegiate.

         Art. 50. The students contemplated with scholarships must, necessarily, submit the semester report of developed activities, according to the Scholarship Evaluation System (SAB), stating the specification of the dedicated monthly and semester hours.

            Art. 51 - Students contemplated with fellowships must submit, every six months, the report of activities developed, detailing the progress of the research work, including the initial timetable, presenting its progress and justifications for modifications. The report should include the academic background of the subjects studied as well as the opinion of the tutor on the scholarship research work.

            Art. 52 - In the evaluation of 18 months the student should provide:

     I - Detailed report of the activities carried out, specifying a specific monthly and semi-annual workload;

     II - Progress report of its research work, including the initial timetable presenting, its progress and justifications for changes;

     III - School history of the subjects studied;

     IV - Opinion of the professor guiding the research work developed;

     V- Deliver the opinion issued by the teacher guiding the teaching stage;

VI - Deliver the proof of payment of all credits, including electives.

            Art. 53. - The criteria for evaluation of the commission for continuity of receipt of the scholarship by the student will be the following:

I- Availability for compliance and dedication of 16 hours / weekly to the Program;

II- The due compliance with the norms established in the regiment of the Program as well as the norms of the development agencies;

III- Scholar's academic performance;

IV- The use in the disciplines, seminars and complementary activities must be expressed by notes equal or above 7.0, except in the qualification that must be approved.

Art. 54 - The cancellation of the scholarship will be carried out in case of any grade below 7.0.

Sole paragraph: In the event of a scholarship cancellation, the student will be replaced by another, obeying the criteria adopted for granting scholarships of the Program.

Art. 55 - The scholarship may be canceled at any time for breach of the provisions set forth in this chapter, the scholarship holder being obliged to respond and still reimburse their values in accordance with the legislation in force in the development agency.