Guidelines for Scholars

Since March 2011, the Semester Reports for the Follow-up of the Master's and PhD scholarship holders of the CAPES Social Demand and Meeting Programs must be prepared by means of the Scholarship Monitoring System (SAB), found on the website of the Pro- Post-Graduation (www.prppg.ufc.br) on the SAB link. System completion is simple and easy to understand. The procedures for preparing and processing the report are also available on the SAB website.

E-mails were automatically sent to the students and supervisors about the availability of the online report as well as the deadline. Because some emails are incorrect or not informed some students and counselors have not received the information sent. In this case, both the student and the supervisor must access the system using the CPF number and the last four digits of the CPF as a temporary password.

The Report should be sent to the Brokerage Commission by the advisor through SAB until the deadline stipulated by the Pro-Rectory of Research and Graduate Studies. There is no date for now. By 15.08 the PRPPG should be sending us this deadline.

CAPES fellows should also submit a monthly report of activities to control activities (Monthly Frequency Sheet). This form must be filled out by the counselor, signed by the counselor and later delivered to the Course Secretary.

The other fellows: CNPq and FUNCAP must fill out the specific models of each institution and deliver them to the Secretariat of the Postgraduate Program in Pathology of the UFC.