Student ID

For the preparation of the student portfolio:
Access the online registration form available on the website of the Urban Transport Company of Fortaleza (Etufor) through the link: www.etufor.ce.gov.br/sugest_web/wbfMovSolicitarCarteira.aspx

Complete the data correctly and print the proof of request.
Attach the required documentation: statement / proof of current registration or Stamp and Signature of the direction of the Institution; Copy of the RG of the student or Certificate of Birth of the student accompanied by the copy of the RG of the person in charge.

A photo 3x4 - Attention: Only the students who will make the application for the first time will need to attach a photo.
Provide the application form and documentation to the Students Central Directory or to the Center or Academic Directory for each course.

Central Student Directory (Click and see the map)
Address: Rua Clarindo de Queiroz, 983 - Centro - CEP 60035-160 - Fortaleza - CE
Next to Praça da Bandeira and the Faculdade de Direito
Phone: +55 85 33667859
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Website: www.dce.ufc.br