Of the total of 22 professors of the program, 21 postgraduate professors have undergraduate work. Of these, 19 professors of the course are directly linked to ÙFC, while two others are professors of the medical course of UNIFOR. In addition to the regular undergraduate classes, they participate in orientation of scientific initiation, monitoring and monographs, as well as in extension projects, with the possibility of highlighting outpatient clinics and sessions, with the participation of 5th and 6th grade students and residents, Not only in Pathology but also in Infectology, Rheumatology, Dermatology, Hematology and Gynecology:
- Dermatopathology session, weekly, coordinated by prof. José Telmo Valença Junior with participation of dermatology professors, residents and undergraduate students.
- Weekly Necropsy session, coordinated by profs. José Telmo Valença Junior, with participation of residents and undergraduate students.
- Service of Pathology of the Lower Genital Tract and Colposcopy of Maternity Assis Chateaubriand School, under the coordination of prof. José Eleutério Junior.
- Ambulatory of Sexually Active Diseases, led by Prof Ivo Castelo Branco Coêlho.
- Ambulatory of Rheumatology and medical visits in a Rheumatology ward, under the responsibility of Prof Max Victor Carioca Freitas, with orientation of students of the Medicine course of UFC Medical School, Juazeiro Medical School, Unichristus Medicine course, course Of medicine of the UECE and residents of medical clinic and rheumatology of the General Hospital Cesar Cals of the Health Department of the State of Ceará).
- Extension project: Provision of Services in Pathology, registered in PROEX / UFC with code: QC.2011.OS.0774, currently coordinated by Prof José Telmo Valença Júnior
-Project registered in the Extension Office of UFC- Development of Educational Activity in Endemic Area for Schistosomiasis in the Municipality of Capistrano-Ce, coordinated by Prof. Fernando Schemelzer Moraes Bezerra.
- Extension project registered at UFC-PRISMA Extension Pro-Rectory, Maturity Inclusion Project coordinated by Prof José Ajax Nogueira Queiroz.
- Extension Project Group of Observation of Hematologic Treatment and Alterations (GOTAH) Integrated Action in Health coordinated by Prof. Romélia Pinheiro Gonçalves Lemes.
- Extension project "Ambulatory of Leishmaniasis in Baturité", an endemic area of ​​cutaneous leishmaniasis, located in the massif of Baturité, 110 km from Fortaleza, coordinated by Prof Anastácio de Queiroz Sousa
Another form of integration with graduation has been through the PROPAG scholarship holders, who have participated in practical classes, in scientific initiation, in monitoring and in review sessions of scientific articles.
- Extension project "Colposcopy in the approach of suspected genital lesions of sexually transmitted diseases, especially human papillomavirus, among adolescent and young adult women", QH00.2014.PJ.0090, coordinated by Prof. José Eleutério.


In 2015, we had 15 students participating in the scientific initiation, under the guidance of ten professors of the master's degree in Pathology. During the triennium of evaluation, several former research initiation fellows were approved in a selective process for the master's degree in pathology. Thus, students who presented initial linkage as PIBIC had the opportunity to develop master's degree project in the course.
In 2016, we had 30 scholarship students in scientific initiation programs (PIBIC), acting in the research of 9 teachers. These students are potential future masters. Our course encourages and supports these PIBIC programs to strengthen the program.


 Eight professors of Post-Graduation in Pathology guided 18 monitors. The Professors Cristiane Cunha Frota (3), José Ajax Nogueira Queiroz (3), Maria Jania Teixeira (3), José Telmo Valença Jr (2), Max Vitor Carioca Freitas (1), Paulo Roberto Carvalho de Almeida . Edson Teixeira (1), Profª Conceição Aparecida Dornelas (1) and Prof. Fernando Schemelzer de Moraes Bezerra (2).
IN 2015 we had 23 monitors under the guidance of our teachers.

All monitors presented work at the XXIV TEACHING / PROGRESS INITIATION MEETING at the University Meetings of the UFC (2015).

The participation of undergraduates with the research works has increased the critical sense and stimulated the interest and the aptitude for research activities, the entrance in the graduate courses and academic careers.
The participation of master's students in the co-orientation of monographs and scientific initiation work and in the activities of undergraduate classes has allowed the acquisition of skills, stimulating them to teaching.
-01 fellowship in the young talent program for science.

In 2016, we had 24 student monitors / tutors guided by 08 teachers. These students are from undergraduate courses in pharmacy, biology, nursing, dentistry, physiotherapy and medicine. These student monitors are stimulated to teach and integrate the research with the classroom.

The professors of our course ministered in 2016 38 different subjects in the graduation of the varied courses of the medical and biological sciences of the UFC.


1. Cristiane Cunha Frota:
Collaboration with the Laboratory of Molecular Biology Applied to Mycobacteria, Fundação Oswaldo Cruz-RJ.
2. Maria Jânia Teixeira:
Collaboration with Profa. Tatiana Rodrigues de Moura, Ph.D. Roque P. Almeida and Prof. Profa. Amélia Almeida, Federal University of Sergipe, Dr. Camila Indiani de Oliveira, Laboratory of Immunopathology (LIP), CPqGM / FIOCRUZ-BA and with Dr. Alda Cruz, FIOCRUZ-RJ, DINTER / FIOCRUZ-RJ project;
3. Paulo Roberto Carvalho de Almeida:
Collaboration with the DINTER Interinstitutional Program Antonio Prudente Foundation (AC Camargo Cancer Center) and the Cancer Institute of Ceará - ICC (Cearense School of Oncology - ECO), approved by CAPES for the period 2013-2017, having been the local coordinator of the Dis- Of Tumor Pathology, together with the coordinator of ACCamargo, Prof. Fernando Augusto Soares and participating as co-supervisor of two projects of Doctoral Thesis of said DINTER;
4. José Eleutério Júnior:
Collaboration with Dr. Ana Katherinne Gonçalves (UFRN), Prof. Paulo Giraldo (UNICAMP) and ProfªIara Moreno Linhares (USP-SP);
5. Danielle Malta Lima:
Collaboration with prof. Benedito Antonio Lopes da Fonseca and prof. Luiz Tadeu Moraes Figueiredo from the University of São Paulo. Faculty of Medicine of Ribeirão Preto (FMRP-USP).
6. Prof. Jehovah Keny Baima Necklaces:
Collaboration with Prof. Dr. Luís Fernando de Macedo Brígido - Adolfo Lutz Institute (IAL-SP), Profa. Dr. Lívia Melo Villar- Laboratory of Viral Hepatitis - Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (FIOCRUZ-RJ);
7. Fernando Schemelzer Moraes Bezerra (LPPBM):
Collaboration with the laboratory of Microbiology and Molecular Biology of Prof. José Mauro Peralta (UFRJ), in the development of the molecular diagnosis project of schistosomiasis mansoni; Collaboration with the schistosomiasis laboratory with Drs. Naftale Katz and Paulo Marcos Zech Coelho of the René Rachou / FIOCRUZ-MG Institute.
8. Ronald Pinheiro Feitosa:
 National cooperation with USP-Ribeirão Preto, with Dr. Eduardo Magalhães Rego


1. Cristiane Cunha Fleet:
London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, London, England, Dr Taane Gregory Clark Tulane School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine, USA, Dr. Carl Kendall;
2. José Eleutério Júnior:
Steve Witkin (Cornell University - NYC -USA);
3. Ivo Castelo Branco Coelho:
Multicenter cohort study sponsored by GlaxoSmithKline - Belgium.
4. Fernando Schemelzer Moraes Bezerra
Prof. Dr. Govert van Dam - University of Leiden - The Netherlands.
5. Fábio Rocha Fernandes Távora:
Dr. Allen Burke, Department of Pathology, University of Maryland-USA;
6. Edson Holanda Teixeira:
Collaboration with Prof. Maria Olivia Pereira Universidade do Minho-Braga-Portugale Prof. Paula Alexandra Quintino Videira New University of Lisbon / CEDOC;
7. Anastácio de Queiroz Sousa:
Dr. Richard D. Pearson - School of Medicine - University of Virginia - USA
8. Ronald Pinheiro Feitosa:
  International cooperation with Columbia University, N.Y., USA, with Dr. Aza Raza


The international collaborations of our professors in Latin America, the United States and Europe, as mentioned in item 7 (national and international exchanges) have effectively provided for the internationalization of our program. We hope to expand these collaborations soon.

We are participating in the COIMBRA / PAEC / OAS system and receiving foreign students. In 2015 we received student Adriana Estela Flores Valiente from Nicaragua, as part of the UFC Internationalization. In 2016 we received the student Arlym Yanery Cárcamo, a national of El Salvador.

The following professors of our program carried out post-doctoral training:
- Edson Holanda Teixeira at the Universidade Nova Lisboa, Faculty of Sciences and Technology in Lisbon-Portugal (beginning 09/2015, in progress);
- Ronald Pinheiro Feitosa at the Irving Cancer Center, Columbia University in New York-USA (beginning 07/2015 to 02/2016).