International Symposium on Dengue and Technological Advances in arbovirosis

The Future Institute and the Brazilian Society of Dengue and arbovirosis that invite the International Symposium on Dengue and technological developments in arbovirosis. Register and come to participate in this unique opportunity to acquire knowledge with experts in the field at national and international level, share their experiences and contribute to the format of arbovirus control strategies.

Pathology in the UFCTV Program


In the first block UFCTV program we have the work coordinated by Prof. Dr. Fernando Schemelzer, coordinator of the Postgraduate Program in Pathology related to the transmission of schistosomiasis in the transposition areas of the San Francisco River in the state of Ceará. In the second block of the program of the teacher Paula Góes, Department of Pathology and Forensic Medicine, showed the action of marigold in the treatment of periodontitis, international awards for discovery.

Aptitude test

From August 17 to 28 of 2015 will pass registration for proof of English language proficiency at the UFC's House of Culture Britannica, with the completion of the race on September 25, 2015. Remember that Requires the completion test Postgraduate Program in Pathology.

Reinscription period

On 17 and 18 August 2015 will carry out the re-registration. Students who did not register at the usual time or who wish to make modifications to their grid may do so during this period.