SAB report (for the six 2014.2)

It is reported that the follow-up Annual Report of Masters and PhD programs of social demand doctorate (DS) and gathered from CAPES, for the six 2014.2, will be prepared by the Scholarship Tracking System (SAB), available On the site of Pro-Dean Research and Postgraduate (www.prppg.ufc.br) of the SAB link. This system is now available for reporting, that the necessary procedures and procedures can also be obtained on the SAB page. Time: 10 / Feb / 15-11 / Mar / 15.

Period 2015.1 (via Internet) enrollment adjustment

On March 9 and 10 the SIGAA System will be open for students to re-register via the Internet (sensu Graduados and broad sense).

It was a success the International Workshop on Infectious Diseases GENITAL: immunological aspects

The event was attended by prof. Dr. Steven Witkin (Weill Cornell Medical College of New York) and Prof. Dr. Iara Linhares (USP), as well as the teaching staff of the professors of the Postgraduate Program in Pathology. View photos from the event:

foto workshop


foto workshop2


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Professor of Pathology in the Graduate Program receives three awards at the VII Research and Postgraduate Meeting

The best papers presented at university meetings in 2014 were awarded on the morning of Monday (3), in the auditorium of Icaro Souza Moreira, Campus Science Center of Pici Prof. Prisco Bezerra, Fortaleza. In total, 82 works were awarded at the XXXII Meeting of Scientific Initiation at the VI Meeting of Research and Graduate Studies and the VII Meeting of Experiences of the students. Professor Pinheiro Gonçalves Romelia Lemes, the permanent faculty of the Postgraduate Program in Pathology, received three prizes at the VI MEETING OF SEARCH OF and graduating. One was in the area MEDICINA II, along with student Luana Leticia Alves Dutra, doctoral student of the Postgraduate Program in Pathology. She was also awarded the prize for best oral presentation of the program, Marta Cristhiany Cunha Pinheiro, who presented a document on the transposition of the San Francisco River. The work is part of his doctorate in Public Health, which is under the coordination of Professor Fernando Bezerra Schemelzer de Moraes, coordinator of the Postgraduate Diploma in Pathology. View list of all